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ShoutOmatic: Powerful Social Engagement & Conversion Tools Being Used by Top Celebrities & Artists!


Helping Artists Sell More Music, Merch & Concert Tickets ShoutOmatic is a powerful tool that is helping Artists, Celebrities, Personalities, Professional Athletes, Politicians and Brands to  engage in a most authentic manner resulting in incredible “conversion” to get their Fans & Followers to open their wallets to support them! Personalities can have their current and relevant Voice Messages heard across all social media, web sites and blogs.  Their Voice Messages can even be brought to [...]


ShoutOmatic Social-Commerce-Engine:


Celebrities can offer Shouts for sale to Fans and / or to Brands! Shouts for Fans: InstantShouts – Celebrities record generic greeting(s) once and sell that greeting an endless amount of times (prices can range from .99 cents to $4.99) Price is determined by the Celebrity. PersonalShouts – Celebrities record a custom, personalized greeting (scripted by the Fan) and sell it once (prices range from $9.99 to $499.99) Price is determined by the Celebrity. Celebrity has [...]