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Celebrities, Artists, Athletes, Comedians and Personalities that would like to offer their Fans the ability to BUY Personal and/or Instant “Shouts” from you, please fill out this form.

Selling Shouts to your fans is an incredible new revenue stream as well as a clever new way to RAISE FUNDS for Charity events and programs that you may be involved with.

InstantShouts: Record once and we sell over and over again to your fans (retail prices range from .99 cents to $5.99)

PersonalShouts: Fan places an order and tells you what to Shout. (retail prices range from 9.99 cents to $99.99)

SponsoredShouts: Brands will pay you for “Audible Voice Endorsement Shouts” that get posted to your Twitter and ShoutOmatic feeds. (Celebrity determines price to charge Brand)

You determine the price of each Shout

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