Verified Accounts

Any account with a check-mark followed by “Verified Account” above their name on the upper-right of their Profile is a verified account.  That is the ONLY official marking of a “Verified Account” so please take note.  ShoutOmatic verifies through a variety of methods, including conversations with management, agents or personality themselves,  written documentation and signatures to establish authenticity of well known accounts so users can trust that the accounts they “follow”, and/or “Purchase Shouts” from are legitimate. When viewing verified accounts, ShoutOmatic users know that Shouts coming from legitimate social influencers, celebrities, athletes, politicians, artists, personalities, organizations, brands, companies, etc

How do I get verified?

For Celebrities and Personalities, please log into the account you want to verify and fill this out.  Make sure you’re actively Shouting, your account is public, and your ShoutOmatic profile (name, bio, picture, website, etc.) is complete! Include the contact information of an agent/publicist/person that we can contact as an additional point of verification if necessary.

For social influencers who would like to have their account Verified, gold badge and all, please click here