How long is each “Shout” recording?

1. Shouts recorded via web site, iPhone App and Facebook App are 30 seconds.  You can get up to 60 second Shouts as part of our Shouts+ premium products
2, Shouts called in via our Shout “Call In” Hotline numbers can be up to 60 seconds and you can now preview and edit them before you post them
  • There are HOTLINE numbers to call for east coast, midwest and west coast USA as well as for London and Austria.  You will find all the numbers in your “Settings” account tab
3. You can also upload a Shout via the “upload MP3″ button which allows you to upload a Voice Memo from your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry or upload any podcast or  song….. any length!
4.  You can also merge an MP3 song with a Voice Shout so you can share your song of the day or.. …


The number one question we get is  ”How do my Shouts appear in my Twitter & Facebook?”  So, we wanted to show you:-)    

And,  how are Shouts “heard” on mobile devices?  If you TAP on a Shouts.at URL from your smartphone or tablet, it opens up your default media player and it starts playing the Voice Message instantly.

















iPhone APP?
Ready for immediate and FREE download!  http://shouts.at/5C
Share your Voice / Tex/ Photos & Location all from one Shout to your Twitter and Facebook streams!

When I log out of ShoutOmatic, it also logs me out of Facebook.  Why?
Facebook keeps your session open so if another family member tries to sign up or sign in to ShoutOmatic after you log out, it would grab your Facebook identity into the new or different account…  its a Facebook API bug and our “smart” but annoying work-around is to log you out of both…  so there is no possibility of this to occur.   The best idea is to not log-out of ShoutOmatic unless or until someone else in your family wants to sign-up or sign in to ShoutOmatic.

My Microphone does not seem to be connected or connecting: whats up?
- Please click on the “No Sound? click for settings” below the record button.  The press the 2nd icon from the left.  Then select “allow” which will grant our recording device access to your microphone.  And, while you are there, select “remember” so you do not have to keep granting access:-)
- If you “mic levels” are still not moving then please check your microphone settings within your microsoft, mac or linux operating system. It is probably set on “mute” or the volume may be too low to work…
** If that still does not work than you are most likely behind an office Firewall that does not allow the streaming of multimedia.  Please use our iPhone APP or please use a different internet connection

Does my “e-mail” address get posted in my public profile for all to see?
No. No. No.  It is used for you to log-in to ShoutOmatic with.

How can I post my Shouts simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?
- In your “Settings” you can choose to automatically, without asking to post each Shout to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts .  Or, you can set it up to ask you each time you Shout.

How can my Shouts appear on my web sites, blogs, tumblr etc?
- In your settings you will see your own “Shout Player Widgets”. Simply copy the embed code and paste it wherever you desire throughout the internet.

WordPress Tip: WordPress has a “bug” for embedding “flash” players.  You MUST use the HTML tab (NOT the Visual tab) to paste in your embed code. ALSO, DO NOT switch to the Visual tab after you paste the code as it will “corrupt” the code!

I already “Saved” a Shout, but I want to edit the title.  How do I do this?
- Hover over the Shout with your mouse and you will see new options appear such as “edit” and “delete”

I already “Saved” a Shout, but now I want to delete it.  How do I do this?
- Hover over the Shout with your mouse and you will see new options appear such as “edit” and “delete”

Why would I “follow” someone?
- When you follow someone, each of that persons Shouts will stream in your Home stream so you can stay current with them.
- When you “follow” someone, they will have the ability to do a “Direct Shout” to you that only YOU can “hear”

What is the difference between my “Home” and my “Profile”?
- Your “Home” is where you “Shout” from and you will see all Shouts from the people you “follow” adn yuo will see your own Shouts.
-Your “Profile” is where you will see the stream of your own Shouts.

What should I Shout about?
- Well, pretty much anything you think will be of interest to your followers and friends, family and Fans on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

How do I know if my microphone or webcam is properly connected?
- You will see a “Status” in the bottom right corner of your “Shout-Out” box, it will say either “connecting” or “Ready”.
- If it says “Ready”, speak and you will see the “mic level” go left and right depending on the sound volume.  We suggest that you do NOT allow the mic level to peak all the way to the right as this will cause interference and noise.  Typically, your mouth should be at least 12 to 24 inches away from the microphone for the crispest, clearest sound.  Its VERY easy to test this.  Simply press “Record Shout” and play it back so you can hear it BEFORE you name it and save it:-)
- If it stays on “connecting” then you either are having a “Flash” issue where you will have to install Adobe’s Flash player on your computer (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) Or, if you do have Flash properly installed:
- you must click on “ No Sound? click for settings” and select the appropriate “microphone” or “webcam” from the dropdown list”

Can I “Share” other people’s Shouts on my own Facebook, Twitter, etc?
- Yes!  Simply click the “share” or “tweet” icon under the Shout you want to share (Re-Shout)

In my “Home” area,  can you explain the functionality of the links on the right side of the page?
- Direct Messages: This is your “inbox” of all of the “Direct Shouts” from people that YOU follow (only peeple YOU follow can send you a “Direct Shout” ), as well as an “outbox” of all of the “Direct Shouts” that you sent (you can only send Direct Shout to people that are following you).
-  @My User Name: These are all the “Shout-Backs” (replies) to your Shouts
- Favorites: These are Shouts that you so chose as “favorites” by clicking on the “heart” to the right of the Shout.

How do I do a “Direct Shout”?
- If a person “follows” you, you will see a “Direct Shout” link in that person’s profile that will allow you to send that person a “Direct Shout” message.
- I a person “follows” you, that persons’ user name will appear in your “Direct Shout” drop down list allowing you to send that person a “Direct Shout”.

How do I “Shout-Back” (reply) to someone else’s Shout?
- If you hover over a Shout with your mouse, you will see an “arrow” pointing LEFT.  Clicking that arrow  opens up a Shout-Back recorder so you can “reply” to that Shout!

Can I “favorite” Shouts so I can have quick access to them?
- If you hover over a Shout with your mouse, you will see a “heart” that you simply click on to “favorite”.  All “favorited” Shouts will be accessible from your “favorites” link from the right side of your “Home” page.

Can I control what email Notifications I get?
- Absolutely!  In your “Settings” there is a “Notices” choice (http://shoutomatic.com/settings/notices/)