Norm Levy


ShoutOmatic is the brainchild of Norm Levy and built with the assistance from Bob Schuon, Jim Robert & Michael Levy.
Philip Hammarberg is ShoutOmatic’s in-house councel specializing in IP protection; Patents and Trademarks

ShoutOmatic owns the Trademark for the word “Shout which the USPTO broadly defines as: “Provision of audible messages via e-mail, cellular phone, Wireless device, and Internet; electronic, electric and digital transmission of audible messages to engage in social networking,
in International Class 38.”

What is ShoutOmatic?

  • ShoutOmatic is a “Voice” overlay technology that allows your actual Voice to be heard across all social networks, web sites and blogs.
  • ShoutOmatic also brings offline items to life with “Voice Messaging”: ads, business cards, posters, billboards, product packaging, POP Displays, Bobble-heads, apparel, merchandise, etc
  • ShoutOmatic brings “Voice Messaging” from your TV screen to your smartphone creating a powerful 2nd screen experience.
  • After your Shout is heard it can can automatically open to any URL your desire; shopping page, Youtube channel, iTunes Store, Facebook Fan Page, Flash Mob Sale, etc.
  • Each user gets their own “Shout QR Code” as well as their own “Shout Player Widget” and each updates automatically every time you Shout!
For Celebrities , Artists & Brands:
  • Celebrities/Athletes/Personalities can monetize their social networks with the help from ShoutOmatic technology!
    • Celebrities can offer Shouts for sale to Fans and Brands
    • Celebrities can create continuous revenue streams for Charity programs they work with
    • Celebrities engage with their Fans in a most compelling, sincere and authentic manner
    • Most fans do not believe the Celebrity types their own Tweets or Facebook Status Updates. Hearing the Celebrities’ actual Voice once in a while, authenticates their  entire social networking experience.
  • Artists can add a Track to their “Voice” Shout and ShoutOmatic automatically merges the audio files to make one audio that Fans hear in the Artists’ social networks and via QR codes printed on the Artists merch and ads.  Imagine, telling your Twitter Fans about a new song or album then let them hear it FIRST in your Twitter feed.  After the Shout is heard, the page can automatically open to your iTunes store.
    • Artists can add Voice Messaging to all of the Merchandise!  Yes, that is right…  Our technology allows Fans to scan Artists’ Merch and will hear their latest Voice Message or stream their latest music.
  • Brands can engage with Consumers in a more authentic and compelling manner offering a 2-way dialogue that has never been done before
    • Brands can have a celebrity endorser’s “Voice Message” heard from Celebrities Twitter fans/followers
    • Brands can have a celebrity endorser’s “Voice Message” heard prior to landing on any web page, product page, facebook page, coupon page etc.
    • Brands can offer on-demand Voice Messaging on product packaging, POP Displays, apparel tags, in-store posters, etc

Variety of Ways to Shout:

  • You can Shout from our website http://ShoutOmatic.coom
  • You can Shout from our iPhone APP http://Shouts.at/5C
  • You can Shout from our Android App (Coming Soon)
  • You can Shout by emailing Voice Memos or audio files to SendShout@ShoutOmatic.com)
  • You can Shout by calling them in with any phone and your Voice Message posts auto-magically to your social networks

Shout(R) is a registered Trademark of ShoutOmatic:
ShoutOmatic received U.S. Certificate of Registration No. 4,228,536 from the USPTO granting Trademark of the word “Shout”:
Provision of audible messages via e-mail, cellular phone, Wireless device, and Internet;
electronic, electric and digital transmission of audible messages to engage in social networking,
in International Class 38. 

ShoutOmatic’s Team History:

  • This young Team’s first web platform, “LifeGoRound”, reached its pinnacle when it was presented and demonstrated by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, at a Walter Mossberg Tech Conference in Silicon Valley. LifeGoRound aggregates all of your online and offline digital photos and they magically appear on your digital photo frame, in your home or office, as well as on your friends or parents frames.
  • Management Team Wins Awards Year After Year for Design, Development & Distribution of Niche Products 6 years in a row
  • Media Street, Inc. (Sold in 2010)
    Developed and Manufactured The Worlds’ First “pigment-based” Digital Printing Ink and Paper solution that was tested and rated beyond 100 years before noticeable fading or color shift.  Acclaimed Ink & Media solution was sold to professional photographers in over 100 countries.
  • eMotion Digital Photo Frames:
    Developed and Manufactured line of Award-Winning Digital Photo Frames. Top Vendor for The Sharper Image.  Newest Digital Frame “Web platform” was Presented by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at Walter Mossberg Conference.

Norm Levy   - Founder & Lead Shouter  (Norm’s Short & Sweet Bio)
Syracuse University: Bachelor of Arts; Communications
New York University – Master of Arts; Communications