“One Sheet” for Artists

Download PDF of “One Sheet”
ShoutOmatic One Sheet for Artists

Artists easily record and broadcast Voice Messages & Music Previews to their Twitter, Facebook, web, blogs as well as on ALL printed materials.



The Most to Post:

Artists’ can share Voice/Music/Text/Photos and Locationall from one “Shout” to their social media as well as traditional media.  Fans can opt-in to receive SMS Text messages of each new “Shout”! The new Voice Message is heard instantly on the users smart phone.   Fan engagement at the speed of NOW!

Share ALL of the Artists’ Internet URL Links:
In their ShoutOmatic Profile, they can add an unlimited amount of internet LINKS (URLs) including but not limited to; web sites, blogs, video channels, WHERE TO BUY their music, photo sites, social networks, etc.

Share Photos to Twitter and Facebook:

  1. MAINTAIN your copyright.  We direct ALL license opportunities to you.
  2. Place your OWN ads and promotional links around the photos!
  3. Tell your Fans about the Photos in your own Voice

Introduction of a New Song:
Record a Voice Introduction about a NEW song and upload an MP3 file of that track. You specify the amount of seconds for song fade out.  ShoutOmatic automatically merges the Artists’ Voice intro with the song preview and the newly created AUDIO posts to Artists’ Twitter, Facebook and QR Codes and spreads VIRALLY from Fan to fan to Fan!


Each Artist gets their own “Shout QR Code”:

  • Every time the Artist Shouts, their QR Code updates automatically to the newest “Shout” (Voice/Song Message)
    • Each “Shout” gets its own QR Code as well.

  “Optional” Social-Commerce-Engine

SponsoredShouts: Brands pay Artist to do “Voice Endorsement Shouts”

•Artist dictates Price and keeps 75% of each transaction

InstantShouts: Generic greetings (record once, sell thousands)

•Artist dictates Price and keeps 75% of each transaction

PersonalShouts: Custom greeting (fan tells Artist what to Shout)

•Artist dictates Price and keeps 75% of each transaction

CharityShouts: All or Portions of proceeds of all of the above “Shouts” to go to Charity of celeb’s choice

 ShoutOmatic offers a variety of ways to “Shout”:


Each Artist can have their own Banner (620 x 120) and Display Ad (298 x 218) appear on their ShoutOmatic Profile and every “Shout” Landing page.

All copyright remains the property of the Artist.  Any interest in licensing “Shouts” or “photos” is directed to Artist management.


Download PDF of “One Sheet”
ShoutOmatic One Sheet for Artists



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