“One Sheet” Shout QR Codes

Download PDF of “Shout QR Code” One Sheet
ShoutOmatic OneSheet “Shout QR Codes”

ShoutOmatic effectively cross-pollenates social media with traditional media by allowing your Audible Voice Message(s) to be instantly heard across all social networks, web spaces and blogs, as well as on any Printed Item!










Shout QR Codes: Bringing inanimate Objects to Life:
Ideas of where to Print Voice Messages: Ads, billboards, posters, event banners, business cards, chocolate bars, stickers, point of purchase displays, car dealership window stickers, apparel, bobble heads, product packaging, product instructions/assembly manuals, CD jackets, tombstones, etc

Each ShoutOmatic user gets their very own “Shout QR Code”

While this unique “Shout QR Code” always remains the same, every time the user “Shouts”, the bar code dynamically, automatically updates to the newest Voice Message!  The actual printed bar code never changes, only the Voice Message updates to the newest, latest message.

Each “Shout” ALSO gets its very own “QR Code”

Use this QR code in the case where you do NOT want the bar code to EVER change the audio Voice message you are delivering!  The Voice Message always stays the same.

Variety of ways to get your Voice Message(s) Heard:

  • ShoutOmatic iPhone/iPad App:
  • ShoutOmatic web App:
  • ShoutOmatic Facebook App: You do not have to leave the comfort of your Facebook profile to Shout
  • Call your Shouts in with your Cell Phone (Phone in your Tweets & Facebook status updates) and your Voice automatically posts to your Twitter, Facebook & QR Code as soon as you end the call.



Most QR Codes, when scanned, take you through layers and levels of loading web browsers, most of which are not designed for the “mobile experience”.

When a “Shout QR Code” is scanned by consumers’ smart phone, it INSTANTLY opens up the smart phones’ media player and PLAYS THE VOICE Message!

Download PDF of “Shout QR Code” One Sheet
ShoutOmatic OneSheet “Shout QR Codes”

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