Each “Shout” Gets its Own “QR Code”!

We are PUMPED to announce an exciting new break-through for ShoutOmatic users!

Each “Shout” (Audible Voice Status Update) now gets its own QR Code!  You know, that cool printable bar code that you scan with your smartphone camera that is catching on like wildfire across the USA.

The QR Code can be printed on:

  • Magazine ads
  • Billboards
  • T-Shirts (any apparel:-)
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Business Cards
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • Products
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Artists’ Onesheets
  • Artists’ Street Team flyers
  • Post the QR Code on your blog or web site or Facebook or MySpace
  • etc etc etc (please tell us your creative ideas?)

Once the bar code is scanned, the “Shout” is immediately “heard” on the users Smartphone!

Think of the creative and powerful possibilities of how your Voice can be heard with your Message with a simple scan of the printed bar code!

  • Artists - Introduce new songs (and let your fans here a preview) as soon as they scan the bar code!
  • Brands - Endless possibilities to market your product and service.  Use your celebrity endorsers to say your Message and they come to LIFE with a simple scan.
    • Imagine while walking down the isle of the grocery store and you scan the bar code in front of the Charmin Toilet Paper and Kim Kardashian tells YOU, in her own Voice, why YOU need to use Charmin!
  • TV Shows – Let Ice-T’s Voice be heard by ALL Law & Order Fans with a simple scan of a billboard!  He speaks your message right to the fan!
  • Regular Social Media Users (like me:-) I have been plastering my QR Codes all over the place; my business cards, calendar, T-shirts, inkjet print flyers and my Voice messages are making a FUN and powerful impact…

QR Code Readers for smartphones:
Search your “app” store for “QR Code readers”  (I use ScanLife for my iPhone)

Please Scan this Code (with your smartphone) so you can instantly hear my Voice from a “Shout” that I just created:
I can print this bar code anywhere on anything and as soon as it is scanned, the user will HEAR my Voice Message:-) WOWZERS! So COOL!  The possibilities for use are endless!

QR Code Automatically Generated from Norm's Shout


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