Brands & “Word of Mouth” Power

Let’s make this really simple.

Consumers, regular folks like me and you, are typically not Fans of in-your-face-ads.  It is a known statistic that only 0.04% of clickable Displays ads get “clicked”.  That is just about 100% ineffective!

Then, how can “Brands” engage with consumers and effectively get their “Messages” out and be heard?
Word of Mouth (literally, where the voice is heard) by “friends and social network inner-circle influencers,  followers and friends” is a much more powerful form of engagement that offers, authenticity, emotion and sincerity!

Statistics show that 90%  of us trust the recommendations by our friends and social influencers about a brand/product/service.

We understand the plight of the “Brand” in the growing social networking vines of information and we have built a platform that cuts right through the clutter and gets your Message delivered effectively, timely and in a relevant manner to your prospects,  literally with the truest sense of “Word of Mouth”

Please email me so I can send you our SponsoredShout “Kits” that explains the simplicity and power of “Audible Voice Tweet Endorsements”.

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