Finally! “Hands Free Tweeting” Only with ShoutOmatic

February 1st, 2011
ShoutOmatic Users are FIRST in Social Networking History to ENJOY “Hands Free Tweeting”
You can NOW Call in your Shouts with your PHONE!

Creating “audible status updates” (Shouts, as we like to call them) just got a LOT easier!  Simply call your Shouts in to 717-SHOUT-12 (717-746-8812) and your Voice messages automatically POST to your ShoutOmatic, Twitter and Facebook feeds!

>>> How do I set up my account to be to call Shouts in?

Simply go to your ShoutOmatic “Settings”  (http://shoutomatic.com/settings/account/) and put the phone number that you will be calling your Shouts in from and then you are ready to start calling in your Shouts!

Screen Shout of where to enter your Phone Number


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