New Music Seminar uses ShoutOmatic Artist Hotline & Text Messaging Services for Each Prestigious Panel Session

New Music Seminar introduced a very clever, powerful and efficient way to handle Panel Q & As.  During each Panel Discussion, the audience was presented with a Text-In Number to submit their Questions to the Panel.  During the panel discussion, administrators received the questions and prioritized the best questions that would be presented to the panel on a screen in front of the moderator.

The Panelists thoroughly enjoyed this approach as it saves time not having to hand a microphone to one audience member at a time, but also keep the flow moving at the proper pace to get more questions asked of the panel without one Audience member hi-jacking the questions!

And, because of the nature of ShoutOmatic’s technology, New Music Seminar now has a database of Audience Cell Phone Numbers to engage with.


Songwriter's Movement: Conductor: Peter Asher Players: Denis Leary (Actor/Songwriter), Jenna Andrews, Alex Bilowitz, James Adam Shelley, Jonnie Davis, Adam Pallin & Holly Knight


Label Heads: The Music, The Media, The Money: Conductor: Ralph Simon Players: Tom Corson (President & COO RCA Records), Avery Lipman (Co-President, Republic Records), Craig Kallman (Chairman & CEO, Atlantic Records), Steve Bartels (CEO, Def Jam)


Ad-Supported Music Streaming: Conductor: Theda Sandiford (VP Commerce, Republic Records) Players: VEVO, MixRadio, Spotify & iHeartRadio


Subscription Music- Getting to 100 Million Subscribers: Players: Sony Music, Tidal HiFi, Beggars Group, Google Play, Warner Music Group, SiriusXM


Music Xray's Live A&R Listening And Critique Sound Sessions: Conductor: Mike McCready (CEO Music XRAY): Players: Chesky Records, Tommy Boy Entertainment, RCA Records, Def Jam Records and Photo Finish Records.


Music Publishers Movement: Conductor: Billy Mann Players: Round Hill Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Atlas Publishing, Razor & Tie & Glassnote Records


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Music Success: Panel: Steve Gordon (Author of The Future of the Music Business, Steve Gordon Law), JNS Law, Outerloop Management


Besides using ShoutOmatic’s powerful Text Messaging Technology thoughout the Seminar, NMS2015 also used ShoutOmatic’s Artist Hotlines for their TOP 3 Candidates for Artists on the Verge.  Voting was done using their Shout Numbers!  The Winner receives 100,000 FREE Transactions with their very own Hotline Number to give out to Fans!

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