New Music Seminar Chooses ShoutOmatic

The acclaimed New Music Seminar (NMS) chooses ShoutOmatic to power a new creative promotion and marketing push!  Using their own Shout Hotline Number (917-909-6667 or 917-909-6NMS) they encourage Top Music Executives to learn about the upcoming Conference slated for June 21st, 2015.

Furthermore, NMS chose the Shout Hotline technology to offer their Top “Artists On The Verge” as a Reward!  Artists can use their Hotline Number to engage with their Fans in a most compelling and authentic manner.  When Fans call the Hotline they hear the Artists latest Voice Message and can be encouraged to reply (sing back their favorite verse of a song, vote for their playlist for an upcoming gig, etc).

When the Fan hangs up they get a Text Message from the Artists Hotline Number with any call-to-action, free bonus content or sponsored content of the Artists choice.

The more Fans that call the Hotline Number the more “data” is collected on behalf of the Artist to make “outgoing” text or phone call campaigns to their Fans at any time.

For more information about the New Music Seminar, please click here

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