Welcome IndiMusic TV Artists!

It is with great pride we Welcome all Artists from IndiMusic.TV to ShoutOmatic!

Our mission is to help Artists to sell more Music, Merchandise and Concert/Festival Tickets while helping them to gain exposure and garner critical Fan Data!

With the social tools from ShoutOmatic, Artists can have their Voice Messages heard across all social networks, web sites and blogs.  And, they can bring their Merchandise to life with Voice Messaging as well!

After the Fan hears the Voice Message it can automatically open any “call-to-action”,  free bonus content or sponsored content!

Our latest tool allows each Artist to have their own Hotline Number to give out to their Fans.  When a Fan calls the Hotline Number they hear the latest Update from the Artist and the Fan can be encouraged to leave a voice message back to the Artist.  They can be asked to sing back their favorite verse of a song or tell the Artist how they will help spread the word virally about their new Video!

After the Fan hangs up the phone, an automatic Text Message can be sent to them Thanking them for the call and with any call-to-action link.

We encrypt and secure the Fan cell phone data on behalf of the Artist who can then do an “outgoing” campaign at any later time either via Text Message or Phone Call (with a pre-recorded message) to the Fans’ cell phone!

ShoutOmatic’s Phone Technology also allows the Artists to answer calls in Real Time at any time they desire with the “Call forwarding feature” for powerful Twitter Q&As and Live Streaming Events!

For all Artists interested in getting their own FAN HOTLINE NUMBER please email Norm Levy who will offer you a special program to do so and will FEATURE you and your Profile!

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