Def Jam Recording Artist Lil Durk uses a Shout Hotline Number to Promote New Single

Def Jam recording Artist Lil Durk posted this video on all of his socials to encourage his Fans to call his Shout Hotline Number 312-313-Durk. He received over 39,000 calls and over 17,000 Fan Replies within hours (UPDATE: Over 140,000 calls and over 54,000 Fan Replies)! ¬† When Fans call the Number they hear a special message from Lil Durk and they can feel free to reply back with their own voice mail message. ¬†After they hang-up, they get a text message from Lil Durk’s phone number thanking them for the call and with instructions on how they can buy his new single “Like Me”.

The power in the ShoutOmatic Phone technology also lies in the fact that Lil Durk can reach back out to each Fan that calls his Hotline Number either via outgoing text message or making outgoing calls; automated services provided by ShoutOmatic.

To see the current stats and hear his Fan’s Replies please visit:


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