Jerrod Niemann wants you to “Buzz Back Girl”! Call his Shout Number and he may call you back!

Jerrod Niemann’s marketing Team had requested a ShoutOmatic Social Media Phone Number with the Nashville 615 area code and they wanted the word “Buzz” in the Number to help promote his new track “Buzz Back Girl” hitting the airwaves this week.  ShoutOmatic did its phone magic and Jerrod Niemann now has (615) 645-BUZZ.  When his fans call or text his Number they hear a special greeting from him and, if you reply with your own voice mail back to him, he just may give you a “Buzz Back.”

This campaign has been posted to his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter timelines.
So far, his phone number was called over 4500 times and he received over 800 voice-mail replies from his Fans.


About the Author: Norm Levy

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