Voice Shout + Preview of Your Music + “Call-to-Action” right in Palm of Listeners’ hand!

Using ShoutOmatic, you can record a Voice Message then add a song preview or a full length track to your Voice Message. ShoutOmatic magically merges your Voice Message with your song to create one audio file that is broadcasted and heard across all of your social networks, web sites, blogs and on anything offline such as your merch, apparel, ads, posters, signage, etc

If that is not cool and powerful enough, you even get to add a “Call-to-action” that automatically opens in the palm of the listeners’ hand after the audio is heard!

And, you have the flexibility to change the Voice Message, the audio track and/or the “Call-to-Action” at any time on demand!

Here is an example:



About the Author: Norm Levy

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