Gavin DeGraw First Artist to use a “Social Media Phone Number” to Speak to Fans!

Gavin DeGraw’s marketing Team devised a very clever way for Gavin to “Speak” directly to his Fans!  Inspired by his new song,  the concept is that Gavin DeGraw found a receipt with a phone number on it from the night before (it’s lyrics from his new single…)

Are his Fans curious or courageous enough to call or text the Phone Number on the receipt?

Here are words from Gavin’s Team:

“Norm, We love it, so many great comments. Really going well! ”


Here is a Tweet from a Fan:



 Your Own “Social Media Phone Number”

ShoutOmatic allows users to get their own “Social Media Phone Number”.  The number can be given out to fans/followers/customers/prospects, etc.  When the Number is called or texted, we hear the recent Voice Message and can be prompted to reply (Shout-Back), and/or can be prompted with further instructions on how to receive a special offer, etc.

Furthermore, since the Fan/Consumer is opting-in to make the call or text, we collect the phone number information for the Artist/Celebrity/Politician/Brand whose Shout Number it is.

We can even customize a special Number for you as we did for Gavin:
(260) 344-2846  or 260-34-Gavin 

If interested in getting your own “Shout Number”, even if for just one campaign project,  please email:


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