Celebs, Brands, Athletes, Personalities & Politicians get there own “Social Media Phone Number”

New technology by ShoutOmatic allows Celebrities, Brands, Athletes, Personalities & Politicians to have their own ”Social Media Phone Number” to give out to followers, fans, consumers, constituents, etc!

ShoutOmatic offers the epitome of Direct Marketing for both “Engagement” and for “Conversion”!

When a Shout Number is called or texted the Fan hears the Celebrities latest Voice Message and then they are directed to ANY “call-to-action” of the Celebrity, Brands or Sponsors Choice:  ”Press 1 to Reply”, “Press 2 to Vote”, “Press 3 for Tour Dates”, etc.

Plus, after they hang up, an SMS text message can automatically be sent to the Fan with any information, link or “call-t0-action”!

To see how cool and powerful a “Shout Number” is, call or text Matchbox Twenty’s Shout Number: (612)351-6220 or (612)351-MB20

Get your own “Shout Number” now for $250.00.
You get your own Phone Number and the price includes 20,000 transactions (phone calls and text messages).

Email and he will have a unique phone number for you in minutes!


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